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When Was The Last... by Congress-of-the-Crow When Was The Last... :iconcongress-of-the-crow:Congress-of-the-Crow 1 0 Rise by Congress-of-the-Crow Rise :iconcongress-of-the-crow:Congress-of-the-Crow 3 0 Sha-nisu on the Dance Floor by Congress-of-the-Crow Sha-nisu on the Dance Floor :iconcongress-of-the-crow:Congress-of-the-Crow 1 5 Because by Congress-of-the-Crow Because :iconcongress-of-the-crow:Congress-of-the-Crow 0 0 True Words by Congress-of-the-Crow True Words :iconcongress-of-the-crow:Congress-of-the-Crow 1 8
Mature content
That Moment :iconcongress-of-the-crow:Congress-of-the-Crow 1 3
juste moi - A Manipulation by Congress-of-the-Crow juste moi - A Manipulation :iconcongress-of-the-crow:Congress-of-the-Crow 1 3
Scent of a Kiss
Let my kisses Wander
Beneath your ear
Let my lips warm
That Softest of places
My Nose Delights In
The scents that are you
Awash in Your Day
And Places...
You've Graced
A Small Flickering of
Lips to Neck Glances
Alighting on
Such Arousing Skin
As Tongue Explores
The Salt of your Body
Stirring - More Senses Awaken
In the Simplicity....
Of Wanting you
:iconcongress-of-the-crow:Congress-of-the-Crow 0 0
In Passion's Thrall
Echoes Dripping
In My Mind
Of Those Whom
Been Left Behind
Who Want To Feel
To Just Receive
Touch, Caress
Want to Reave -
Heated Skin
Not of Their Own
Now Taking Pleasure
While Being Alone
A Moment
Of Quiet Passion
And True Compassion
Simple Want
To Be Wanted
By Emotions
Truly Haunted
Perhaps Tis This
That Drive Us all
To Be...
In Passions Thrall
:iconcongress-of-the-crow:Congress-of-the-Crow 4 5
Of Want or Wanton Need?
Breath Upon Morn's Autumn Air
As Another Day Begin
What Shall I Partake of Here
And Touch This Soul Within
Shall I become Enthralled
By the Writings of Someone?
Or, Will I Become Appalled
By Self-portrait Quite Overdone
Will I Become Aroused
By the Flaunting of Some Skin
Or By Writings Here Housed
Where Excitement Shall Begin
Perhaps My Mind Unsealed
By Thoughts Shared Within Here
Ideas that to My Brain Yield
And To Another's Soul Endear
Solace Found, And Still Yet
Solitude in My Wanton Quest
Outside World I Must Forget
Wants and Thoughts...Now Expressed.
:iconcongress-of-the-crow:Congress-of-the-Crow 1 3
The Unending Quest For Feeling Wanted
Tussled Hair Melancholy
A Mind Swirls so Deep
Feels so All Alone
Troubling Her Sleep
Her Russet-Topped Head
Does so Contemplate
Envisions Release
From Minds Current State
Dreaming of Some Prose
To Lose Herself in
Fantasy Stories of
A Lovely Heroine
A Story of Friendship
Perhaps Even More
To Remove the Malaise
From Her Angst-filled Core
Like Battling Armies
Unsure Feelings Too
Find Soul That's Equal
To Her's & Quite True.
Quest Now Begins
But Reality is This:
Shield Thy Heart
From Love's Abyss
Tread Carefully
Sword at the Ready
Battle Dragons That
Make Thy Unsure, Unsteady
This Quest, Though Exciting
As Bliss Can so Be
Is Wrought with Souls
Of the False Devotee
There are Those That Feel Right
Yet They Stand Prepared
To Take What is Yours
Leave Your Heart Impaired
So To You Dear One
Of Vestal Mind & Heart
When Stirring Begin
Use the brain - Quite Smart.
:iconcongress-of-the-crow:Congress-of-the-Crow 1 9
Of Dragon and Damsel ~Pleasant Dreams~ Unfinished
The Young Maid
Could not Sleep
Within Imagination
Dragons Creep
Late into the Early Morn
She Lay Pencil to Paper
Her Visons Then Created
From Her Mindful Vapor
On Mythical Creatures
Of Honor and Strength
With Deternination
She work at Length
Rapted in her Work
Then at Window a Rap
Startled She Looks
To Window Eyes Snap
There in the Moonlight
Beneath it's Glow
Shadow of Someone
She Did Surely Know
Her Heart Skip a Beat
She Heard the Voice
"It is Me Dear One"
Within She Rejoice
Window Sash Opens
Thru Opening Climb
The Boy Whom to Girl
Make Life Devine
Shy in Her Bedclothes
But Bold in her speech
What are you doing Here?
Damsel Did Beseech
Princess As I Passed
Your Room filled with Light
I Wanted to See you
Make Sure You're Alright
"I'm Quite Fine Dear Boy"
Came Girl's Curt Reply
Surprise Took the Boy
But then Caught Her Eye
Since I'm here,
And you need to Sleep
Let Me Tuck you in
Sweet Dreams you'll Keep
Boy Strode to her Bed
And Pulled Back the Sheet
Girl's Mouth Agape
Her Stare by Smil
:iconcongress-of-the-crow:Congress-of-the-Crow 2 6
Mature content
Summer Peach :iconcongress-of-the-crow:Congress-of-the-Crow 1 5
Mature content
Determined Virgin :iconcongress-of-the-crow:Congress-of-the-Crow 3 24
Mature content
Lovers Moment in Time :iconcongress-of-the-crow:Congress-of-the-Crow 2 5
Passion's Steed
She'd Known Him Since He Was A Colt
A Youngling of a Great Wild Herd
She Watched Him Mature And Slowly
His Affections Began to Stir
She Chose a Beautiful Springlike Morn
For Her Plan For Him - Was Thence
To Capture and Keep Him For Herself
For Her Want for Him was Immense
Because He Was So Fond of Her
He Allowed Her to Come so Close
Sugar Cubes Need Not to Entice
Touched Quivering Hand to His Nose
She placed Her Lips to His Ear
"Upon You Stallion I must Ride"
She Grasped Onto His Silken Mane
Bareback She Mount And Sat Astride
Her Palm Slid Along His Dark Flank
He Allowed Her and Stood Quite Still
His Head Turned Round to Nuzzle Her
Deep Within She Percieved a Thrill
The Steed He Did not Bolt at All
Her Warm Thighs Embraced Astride
Neighing Softly, and She urged Him on
Toward a Distant Mountainside
Gait Was Swift As Girl Rode Along
She Mesmerized By the Motion
Bare Skin 'gainst Hide So Muscular
Her Mind Tripping over Emotion
Up Passions Mount They Climbed Quite Swift
His Sweat Melding I
:iconcongress-of-the-crow:Congress-of-the-Crow 0 0

Random Favourites

Mature content
Fiery Rage :iconlonelynightrain:lonelynightrain 3 38
You did not know it was possible to marvel at a stone… but holding it in your hand you realise what a noble object it can be. The stripes of pure tyrian contrast with your hair as you bend forward and inspect the piece closer, and seeing how they stand out amongst the soft grey it reminds you of how no one can hide their true colours.
Which is a good thing- for the pebble's are beautiful- the straight lines crying out amid the smooth, weatherworn edges of it's surface.
There are few shadows on the rock; it kindly lets the light illuminate every upturned surface. The light is not the only captivating aspect of the pebble though, and you close your eyes as it's refreshing coolness seeps into your skin, and only wish it could stay so cold forever. The rock is a true gentleman, and does not ever leave your palm uncomfortable- indeed, the Casanova's sculpted edges seem to have been specifically designed for the purpose of gracing your hand, curving and dipping to fit just perfectly. Yo
:iconmniricecakes:Mniricecakes 4 2
Together in Mind...
Upon recalling
the perfection that is
the union of our lips' meet,
my mind wanders down
meadows of wonder,
for pleasures seen yet
oh, the
stories that unfold
at the touch of your hands;
oh, the
feel of you on my skin
sending soundwaves through
the Universe;
and oh,
how it's
my heartbeat that
drums memory of
into your brain,
as I sit and daydream of
You are both
the sorcery I created
before my birth,
the madness that consumes
what little is left of
my sanity
Together we are
firebirds of mine own witchery,
lighting the night with our
glorious blaze and
making ash of our
lesser selves with
our incendiary amour;
together we are
an irresistible force
and unbreakable object
the moment our minds
:icontherainbowsshadow:therainbowsshadow 2 2
I hate being fake
I'd rather be myself than to play along with this insane
Why must I join in?
In all the sickly sweet, butterbeans of endless happiness and 'supposed'
I'd rather be myself...
I'd rather be myself...
Just please don't judge me because I am differnt
Don't judge me for the way I say my words
Or how I pronounce them.
I'm happy to myself, than be sad and
in pain from the skin tight mask that I MUST wear to join in.
I may have three fingers on my right hand.
I may have to wear hearing aids in order to keep myself sane.
Than to play along in this sadisticly sweet game.
I'm proud to be myself; however, I won't be crude and impoite
and rub it against your face.
Take off that silly mask, darling.
Come on, join the fun!  Be yourself, we won't judge but will
try our best to understand.
Join in the fun...
Be yourself,
You are whom God created you to be.
So wave a hand in the air and shout for all the world to hear
"I'm PROUD to be differnt! I'm PROUD just
:iconlonelynightrain:lonelynightrain 3 14
Cup of
my life
filled to the brim
his everlasting
for me-
the sunshine
of my gray days;
without him,
there is no
no love-
only my
Oh, how I adore him;
love him;
worship him,
the man;
my precious mortal,
for his existence is
most men will
never know
of themselves
(plebs who can
attain such).
Light does not
as light
to love him,
live him-
to exist so
me and
:icontherainbowsshadow:therainbowsshadow 2 5
Mature content
Sensual Lovers :iconfadingaqueous:FadingAqueous 21 30
Mature content
I am my own cage :iconwe-all-turn-to-dust:We-all-turn-to-dust 1 1
fifteen minutes
i am crouched in the handicapped stall in the upstairs bathroom at school. it's twelve-something, i think. the bell has rang more than once but im not positive what that means. i dont have any way to tell time.
i dont have to lock myself in any particular stall
but i do because if anybody should happen to come in, i can press myself flat against the wall on my left and slip entirely out of view.
from this angle i can see through the crack along the edge of the stall door and spy on whoever has come in.
during lunch this rarely happens.
so i spend my time roaming from one end of the bathroom to the other
(ducking into the last stall if i hear someone enter from the stairs)
and i know i feel a little guilty im doing this because
how hard is it to make the trip from english to the small sanctuary
am i being lazy
am i being antisocial
why on earth would i rather spend half an hour on the floor in the bathroom than in a room with other people
because i dont have to.
so im wondering
you know
:iconsaeleagrace:saeleagrace 3 6
Better watch it.
I'm a killer...waiting too
Get under your skin.
Better watch it, Better watch it...
Boy, I'm coming for you!!!
YOu stole my heart, you stole my pride, you stole
Everything I had except the memories in my mind!
I can't believe...
that I trusted you.
I told all of my secrets and yet you go...
Behind my back!
Better watch it, Better watch it!
Boy, I'm coming for you!!!
You stole heart, my pride, my joy, and my LIFE!!!
So whe you're better think of me
and how you
Be~trayed...(Be~trayed) 2X
Be~trayed......BETRAYED ME!
I oughta cut out your heart and watch you die in the dark...~
But I won't, I'm better woman than that, so I'll give you
One...(One) 1X
Last (Last)
Betray me again and you will not (Not) 2x
:iconlonelynightrain:lonelynightrain 5 39
The Child of Unique Experiences
They wring their hands
they worry and shout
but  she's the one knowing
what it's really about.
Standing silent and calm
the girl who's seen all
a child of unique experiences
and she's just enthralled
by dark pen on pale silk.
A blight to such purity
but somehow enchanting.
(Or a feeling of that  ilk.)
Purity is too mainstream
anyway, she should know!
Her mind is warped and tainted-
it's much more fun than snow
white blankness. She'd
rather feel too much pain
than robotize her heart-
such a chore is in vain.
Depending on people
she's never even met,
sometimes the girl thinks
"How much worse can life get?"
Then she smiles, and remembers-
the child's uniqueness shines through
and thinks for one in her circumstance
life is happy and true
The girl cannot touch her stranger friends
but  as the world seems barely real,
she says the only thing that matters
is how they make her feel.
:iconmniricecakes:Mniricecakes 6 22
i kinda like this picture by dubsteps i kinda like this picture :icondubsteps:dubsteps 4 15
The Town...
Billowing gloom of a day has
trekking mean streets where
blood of innocents have run
Alleyways of blissful ignorance
vein within avenues of dying intellect,
shorn of art built that never stood a chance
when lost within the eyes of the madman-trance;
piss-odored corridors where workers mull
stink of Life once breathed-
now just a vacuous hull
Death blooms beneath the sunlight,
and children have fangs here;
Fathers never care, and
Mothers shed no tears.
In a loveless town where
megalomania rules, and
hookers drown,
the only way the meager see out
is to bury themselves further
:icontherainbowsshadow:therainbowsshadow 2 22
I look at you with crystal eyes,
tears bottled up inside them;
my heart starts to hurt
soon my world comes undone.
My body begins to shake,
my feelings soon release.
I fall to my knees,
my tears flooding out.
I begin to call for you;
but you just turn away.
I watch through clouded eyes,
as you walk away.
My heart breaks like glass,
killing me from inside.
Everything starts to fade,
My world destroyed.
:iconcandyfreaksunite:Candyfreaksunite 1 6
Mature content
Love, Sex, Passion :iconcandyfreaksunite:Candyfreaksunite 2 4
my crappy art exam piece by Mniricecakes my crappy art exam piece :iconmniricecakes:Mniricecakes 2 5


A Short portion of A Modern Interpretation of one of the Oldest known love poems.
Love, And the Desires of Lovers, has changed little. Just the Verbiage we use to tell the story.

The Woman

As an apricot tree stands out in the forest,
my lover stands above the young men in town.
All I want is to sit in his shade,
to taste and savor his delicious love.
He took me home with him for a festive meal,
but his eyes feasted on me!
Oh! Give me something refreshing to eat—and quickly!
Apricots, raisins—anything. I'm about to faint with love!
His left hand cradles my head,
and his right arm encircles my waist!
Oh, let me warn you, sisters in Jerusalem,
by the gazelles, yes, by all the wild deer:
Don't excite love, don't stir it up,
until the time is ripe—and you're ready.
Look! Listen! There's my lover!
Do you see him coming?
Vaulting the mountains,
leaping the hills.
My lover is like a gazelle, graceful;
like a young stag, virile.
Look at him there, on tiptoe at the gate,
all ears, all eyes—ready!
My lover has arrived
and he's speaking to me!

The Man

Get up, my dear friend,
fair and beautiful lover—come to me!
Look around you: Winter is over;
the winter rains are over, gone!
Spring flowers are in blossom all over.
The whole world's a choir—and singing!
Spring warblers are filling the forest
with sweet arpeggios.
Lilacs are exuberantly purple and perfumed,
and cherry trees fragrant with blossoms.
Oh, get up, dear friend,
my fair and beautiful lover—come to me!
Come, my shy and modest dove—
leave your seclusion, come out in the open.
Let me see your face,
let me hear your voice.
For your voice is soothing
and your face is ravishing.
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